Monday, October 15, 2012

10 Tips on Caring for Swarovski Jewelry

Almost every pair of earrings I design have Swarovski crystals all over them.  I splurge on these crystals because they are undoubtably the best - the best clarity, shine and overall awesomeness.  When I got my first pouch of crystals in the mail my jaw dropped at the how much these little beads sparkle! When I bought my first batch of rhinestones I had to immediately grab my camera and take a million photos so my friends would believe how ridiculously beautiful they were.  Anyways...Cleaning and caring for these delicate gems is a bit tricky. That is, if you're clumsy like me and bang your wrists on every surface and lazy like me and just throw all of your jewelry in a bowl at the end of the day. Well, STOP! These crystals should be treated like royalty! I've searched Swarovski and some related sources for some Dos and Don'ts...

Do: Store your crystal jewelry in separate pouches or boxes to avoid scratches and chips
Do: Polish with a soft jewelry cloth regularly to maintain luster
Do: Put your jewelry on last and take off first when dressing
Do: Avoid hard contact with surfaces
Do: Clean by hand with lukewarm water and a soft cloth (do not soak)
Do: Dry immediately to avoid streaks and spots
Do: Use baby wipes to restore brilliance quickly (except on crystlas with AB finishes, these last longer when only cleaned with warm water)
Don't: Wash hands, put on lotion or exercise while wearing your jewelry
Don't: Soak or immerse your crystals in water
Don't: Use abrasive cleaners, window cleaners, chlorine, toothbrushes or sonic cleaners on your jewelry

There are a lot of tutorials out there about cleaning your jewelry and most of them involve soaking in soapy water or scrubbing with a toothbrush. Don't do it! All Swarovski crystal beads have at least one finish on them (more if they are AB or fire polished). Soaking them and scrubbing them will only remove those finishes and dull or scratch your crystals. For detailed care instructions on more than just their jewelry, please visit the Swarovski website.



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