Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall in Love - Honey Gold

Crystal Bracelet * Jessalynne * Tribal Tunic * Miss Selfridge * Cardigan * Vanity * Mustard Jeans * Current/Elliot * Studded Ballet Flats * Overstock *

I won't lie, yellow is not one of my favorite colors. I might even venture to say I don't have a single yellow garment in my closet right now. However, these mustard jeans look very cute with a flowy tunic and some flats. So this outfit didn't remind you all of a bumblebee, I paired the gold pants and black cardigan with a soft pink top. Now it's just ultra-girly. But you add the studded flats and suddenly she's a little more edgy and the dagger crystal bracelet lets you know she's not nearly as sweet as you thought.  Yes, it's gorgeous and doubles as a self defense weapon. The gold hues of the bracelet are perfect for Fall and dagger shapes tie into the tribal embroidery on the tunic. This outfit might just change my mind about the color yellow!

I think with the right accessories and attitude you can be comfortable in any color. It's all about making it your own and adding your personal style to the look. Is there a Fall Color way outside your comfort zone?

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