Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall in Love - Olympian Blue

Charm Bracelet * Jessalynne * Cardigan * Dorothy Perkins * Lace Tank * Rock Candy * Pencil Skirt * Alexander Wang * Boots * White Mountain *

If you don't already know how much I love wearing the color blue than you haven't been paying very good attention, have you? Blue is a staple, a neutral, in my wardrobe. It's the color of my eyes and my birthstone. It's also become the color of my business cards, banners and most of the jewelry I design.  I pair blue with black and grey pretty often, which seems kind of dark but I promise the blue makes everything pop, and I don't get teased for wearing all black that day! This faux-wrap pencil skirt by Alexander Wang looks gorgeous and comfortable! You can definitely wear this in any season. For the Fall, I would wear some calf-length boots and a cozy flyaway cardigan. No matter how chilly it is, I always end up pushing my long sleeves up to my elbows. I'm weird but I can't help it. In this case, I would definitely recommend rolling your sleeves up so you can show off this adorably bright blue charm bracelet. The glass orbs are too beautiful to cover up! Now that you've accessorized your sexy pencil skirt, you are ready for work and whatever you have planned that night!

In Florida we still haven't broken out our boots (sad face). At what temperature do you get to dust them off and strut your stuff?

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