Monday, October 22, 2012

Swarovski Rhinestone Stud Earrings

I just want to start off by saying that Swarovski rhinestones are possibly the most beautiful object on Earth. I don't believe I am exaggerating one bit. When I opened the little pouch of glittery awesomeness I was not ready for the jaw-dropping brilliance of each of these little gems! As you know, I've been trying out a couple new ways to incorporate stud earrings into my inventory and as I was browsing for more round crystals I stumbled across the rhinestone section on my favorite bead website. I like to purchase my beads in mixes of colors, that way I get a good variety of products without having to buy a huge quantity. Unfortunately my store didn't sell the rhinestones that way so I had to go looking for them. I eventually found exactly what I was looking for (non-heat set flat backs) and then starting hunting all over Etsy for the perfect backdrop to my sparkly little angels.  These discs are special. They aren't just plain old metal stamping blanks, they are stainless steal stamping blanks. The stainless steel is basically a flawless mirror that reflect almost as much light as the rhinestones. How could I not put them together to make one Super Stud?!

They turned out even more brilliant that I had hoped for and have been selling like hotcakes! If you want to get your hands on some, come see Jessalynne at the Tampa Downtown Market or wait patiently until I have a free few minutes to list them on the Jessalynne shop.

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