Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog Talk w/My Girl Thursday

Because I'm a dork I took notes the entire time so if you missed it:


Blog names - based on real names is preferred. Most are nicknames.

Schedule blog time - pick a day of the week, take weekends off, don't worry about missing 1 post, keep up with regular content/features, write in advance!


Social media promoting - more people are likely to read your posts when tweeted. engage with others on twitter to develop relationships, not just promote. twitter should be fun, not work! Only check in on social media sites when you have time, don't stress about it. You don't need to follow every single person that follows you - your feed will get ridiculous.

websites for html coding and design help - I can't find these, did someone copy them???

Sponsorship - be clear on what you can offer them or they may expect more.

Organization - Google docs, ability to share docs or view on any computer (with gmail login)

Overwhelmed by blog - take a break! if you are at a standstill/writer's block, consider doing a giveaway to keep people interested. offer guest blogging.

Guest blogging - provide guidelines, post content that is relevant to the blog you are a guest at.

Sharing too much info - if you are mad about something and want to blog about it, sleep on it. don't turn your blog into livejournal. find a balance on what you want to share about your life but still keep your blog personable.

Accurate follower count - used feedburner

Writing to established bloggers to let them know about you/your features - probably shouldn't. meet others thru links, sponsorship, comments. their inboxes are probably massive and they don't have time to answer you.

Getting traffic - link parties such as Ana's archive dive and imadeitso

Relationships - consistently leave comments. be persistent but not annoying. don't get frustrated when you don't get replies, people are busy and it's their loss.

Copy cats - don't freak out

Blog books - blogging for bliss, handmade marketplace

PS - I loved this, skipping, echoing and camera malfunctions alike. Hope we do it again real soon! Now I'm going to go bloghop all the girl's that were on tonight :)


  1. Oh my gosh you are so cute taking notes :) Thanks for posting them so we can all see :)

  2. I know - I couldnt help myself! :P