Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sharing - 11 in 2011 Goals

I'm back from my short vaca. Really I was only escaping the internet, not life, but it was nice to unwind and not have to constantly be attached to my laptop for 5 days. PS I am so sunburnt! Wish I had a photo for you but I am a tad uncomfortable showing off my tan lines :P

I have been seeing this lists around everywhere, for birthdays and plain old years. These are 11 realistic goals that I want to complete by then end of 2011. Fingers crossed - I'm not that great with most self-imposed deadlines but we'll see. Now it's on the internet so I will be held accountable, right? Crap.

You can also see my list as it updates (assuming I complete any of it) on the tab above '11 in 2011'. Wish me luck!


  1. ooh. craft group sounds really fun!

  2. yes, working on one in Tampa, but a virtual one sounds good too after the chat last night :)