Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Critique - Vogue Patterns Fall Collection

I just Vogue Pattern's new Fall Collection of patterns via email and I might have to toss out my ban on buying more patterns I'll never use but have to have because they are adorable! I think I consider shopping for patterns too similar to clothing shopping. I seem to forget that I also need the fabric and notions and TIME to sew the garments and that what is on the envelope cover will not be shipped to me ready-to-wear. Mass-frustration everytime I do this. Have you seen my pattern wall? It's not overflowing! I've probably only used about half of these patterns, and when I was a much smaller size in high school....Totally useful to keep every single one though!
**See my DIY for this wall sized pattern holder here

SOOOO my favorite pages of the look book:

Elizabeth Gillett Scarves (V8762) $18.00
I like 1/2 the scarves but what really drew my eye were the embellishments. Might have to do a knock-off of the twisty-pearl one on the right.

Vogue Pattern Bags (V8760) $16.50
I really want this bag. I was getting sick of the fold-over type bags but this might be the right amount of slouchiness for me.

Alice + Olivia Blouses (V1261) $19.20
This is exactly what I'm talking about when I saw I buy patterns hoping the garment on the envelope is already in there. I think the knit for this shirt will cost just as much as buying it ready-made but I will probably buy this one anyways and (dream of) making it in every color!

Rebecca Taylor Blouse (V1255) $16.50
This blouse would be more fun as a shirt dress. Done and done.

Tracy Reese Dress (V1253) $19.20
Could they have picked a sadder fabric/color/manish model/limp pose for this dress? However, I like the lines so it's still on list.

Vena Cava Dress (V1258) $19.20
I wish this wasn't so boring in the back because the front is so much fun! Even just one ruffle or knot or something in the back would make this a winner. Well I guess it is a winner because regardless of the die-from-boredome-back, I loved the fabric they picked, the sleee cuff thingies and the front tie a lot.

The collection can be found here . The patterns are for sale alrady, just search using the V# listed. However, they haven't gone on sale yet so they are around $20 for JUST THE PATTERN. I need to get into that business!!

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