Monday, July 18, 2011

Fashion - Fall 2011 Couture Fashion Shows, Part 1

Fashion show slide shows are available on

I just wanted to record my "first thought" on each of these shows. You know, the first opinion that pops in your head when you see and interesting piece. Honestly, I wasn't blown away with beauty and awe from these first 5 shows. Some I didn't consider couture at all while others were too wacky to be pretty. There are a few pieces I liked but they were generally half of the look. Check out the slides.

Alexis Mabille
Doesn't she look like a bond villain? Not a fan.

Not one part of this dress fits this model. I'm not sure that this dress would fit anyone actually.

Did she lose her top? Where did this look come from?

Is this and evil fairy queen? Gorgeous but confusing.

What a mess!

Anne Valerie Hash

Boring student work.

Love the drape of this top but I am bored by this skirt.

Armani Prive

Ancient Asian Cougar

I love the abstract print but I hate the headdress. Why Armani? Why?

Kio Chic

Azzedine Alaia

Hey! Something I like! I would wear a less-full version of this dress-jacket all winter.

Does this one have worms?

I love the girlie silhouette of this full skirt.

Bouchra Jarrar

Oh good, more boy's prep school looks. A little too much slouch.

Unless this has some amazing seaming on the inside, I'm not sure why this dress is in a couture show.

More shows to come!


  1. Ah, I had a good laugh reading this post! I dabble in fashion design and like to think of myself as a good fashion designer. And than I see these... outfits. From people who are considered AMAZING and all I can think of is "WHY?!"

    Some of these are kinda scary, to be honest. :P

  2. I think when designers hear "couture" they just lose it and start sewing things together that really don't need to be anywhere near each other...