Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter and DIYs

First off - OMG I'm going to see that movie probably 5 more times.
Second off - I went totally nerdy on this one and made myself a tshirt and a snitch necklace so I would be the coolest girl there. It worked!

I borrowed the idea from this tutorial I mentioned yesterday.

So I tried my 'gel' bleach pen. Looks pretty cool in the 'before photos right?
WRONG! Bleach gel apparently doesn't change the color of a 100% cotton block tshirt...

So I tried again with regular bleach and a paintbrush. This worked pretty well until the bleach deteriorated my brush. Pretty cool actually.

2nd project! I really wanted a dainty little golden snitch necklace. much for dainty. Hobby lobby really let me down on this one. They didn't have one single piece I needed, but since I had a coupon I decided to make it work. I bought 1" silver (plastic) beads with a flower etched around them. I liked the texture and could live with the chunky size, but the color was all wrong. I've seen filigree wing beads everywhere...until today! I came across some large filigree butterfly wings. Again, I would make do. Then I lucked out and found the perfect gold paint. I had to go to Micheal's for gold chain though...

I cut the wings in half, which was nearly impossible without the incredibly strong boyfriend. Then I painted the bead and attached everything. LOVE!

On my way to the movie this morning!

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  1. Jessi,

    Thanks for linking my bleach pen t-shirts. I love what you have done! My boys made HP shirts too with the Deathly Hallows sign. We used freezer paper stencils. We have tried using bleach pens on black shirts but we did not get good results either. Anyways, thanks for visiting!