Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY - July Pin Vest Tutorial

July Pinterest DIY #2 - Vest/Wrap Tutorial From Trang Huyen of Behind The Seams
You can see my list of fave DIY Pins for July here

Disclaimer: Please pardon my yoga pants and bare feet. It's late.

I followed the instructions, folding the fabric in half, measuring 6" down and over and cutting an 8" armhole. This wasn't long enough for me so I cut 3" more.  (This photo is sideways, the fold is at the top)

I love how oversized and flowy this is, but realistically I would not be able to wear this to work (where I spend 90% of my life), so I decided to alter it a little bit, hoping I could keep the flowy awesomeness.

I sliced off 4" from the hem and curved the sides up a bit to get rid of that 'pointiness' that I loved. I was willing to trade it for a softly rounded edge that still fluttered.

I used the excess I trimmed from the bottom to bind the armholes, leaving both the outside and inside seam allowances raw. This will keep them from stretching out of shape but still keep the simplcity of the fly-away vest.

Love the result!
Seriously in love and might have to buy a few more yards of knit. I'm thinking a cropped one is next! The only thing I would change about the making of the project is that I should have had someone measure my shoulder width because the 6" over wasn't quite enough but once that's cut, it's cut. Also, I'd like to do some kind of trim or finish to the hem or center back just to spice it upa bit. It's good to have the staple pieces but I also crave attention so I need a few show-stoppers ;)

Defnitely check out the original tutorial here and let me know if you've tried it too!


  1. Oh I made this in Gray, I Loove your color :)

  2. So when you say "knit", what type of fabric did you actually use. I would prefer not to have to bind/hem any of the edges, so something that doesn't ravel (or roll) would be awesome.

  3. Hi Cindy! I used a really light jersey knit - like what very soft t-shirts are made of. it does roll but it saves you from hemming since it won't fray.

  4. Thanks, Jessica. Hopefully going to the fabric store today!